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OOM: Meeting Alice

He's never liked Ratty. And it's not just the smell. You live in Wonderland long enough you get a sense of who can and can't be trusted. And Ratty's got that stink about him too. That stink that says you should guard your teas and loved ones around him because it'd take about a drop of Happiness for him to turn you over to the Suits.

Fortunately, Hatter's got more than a drop, and Ratty's story about an Oyster named Alice...

Well, he may not have mastered basic hygiene, but he's smart enough not to offer something he can't deliver.

(Hatter's perfectly aware that it can't be the Alice of Legend, but the coincidence is too much to ignore all the same.)

He tells Ratty to bring her in and quietly sips his tea while he waits.

His chair is faced away from the door when they enter, but he can still smell Ratty.

"Would you like a cup of tea?"

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Alice moves cautiously into the room, taking it in. She doesn't remember ever being in a room that has grass for carpeting, before. Curious.

She stops when Hatter speaks, and drips a little on the dirt. She looks at the chair behind the desk when he speaks.

"No thank you," she says politely. "Who are you?"

Okay, well, that may have been a little less polite.

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She watches as the chair turns, looking at this new person for a moment as Ratty takes hold of her arm, and shows him the mark. She tugs her arm back from him, with a small, annoyed noise.

She shifts her weight as Hatter paces a bit, not quite knowing what to do with her arms for the time being.

"The beetle thing?" she asks. "I used my hair pin and..." She opens her hands, gesturing like the rest of her sentence is quite obvious, as she continues to drip. "As you can see I'm drenched. This place...where...what is it?

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No, she's not the sort of person who often goes for a swim fully dressed. Well, at least not purposefully. She shifts her weight, a little uncomfortable. It's a combination of being soaked, not knowing where she is, and having a gigantic green tattoo on her forearm.

Plus, this guy in the hat isn't helping to make everything clearer. Very much is left to be desired in his answer.

She looks at him, a little incredulously. "That's a story in a kids' book," she says, beginning to wonder what exactly is the point of this confusing encounter.

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She's got the dignity, at least to acknowledge that a kids' story this is not. "No," she says, waiting for him to explain further exactly what the heck is going on here.

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"Oh, so you're saying it was real?" she asks, still with a slight bit of an incredulous tone, as she watches him walk forward.

She's still not quite sure what she makes of these really...unhelpful answers outside of 'could this guy be much less helpful?'

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She lets him take hold of her without any fight. There's no sense in it really. Especially when he's finally explaining something to her.

"Why am I an Oyster? This?" she asks, studying his face, in reference to the green mark on her arm.

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She just blinks at him, throughout his entire little...well, whatever you want to call it. Because it's still not qualifying as a good explanation of anything.

"What do you mean, pearls?" she asks, as she rubs her wrist and then picks at her nails.

"She's Alice," Ratty says, a little on the excited side. He's twitchy; Alice doesn't like that. "Go on, tell him who you are."

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Alice tracks him with her eyes as far as she can without turning around, and picks him back up again when she can see him again.

She's not sure which she doesn't like worse. The twitchiness or the smell, either way, she's secretly glad that his olfactory essence isn't proving to be typical of Wonderlandians.

"Who?" she asks. This being confused and in the dark thing, she's not loving.

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Now that was entirely his own fault. No one made him put his arm around Ratty.

Alice's eyes continue to follow him, knowing out of the pair of men, Hatter's most likely the more dangerous of the two, even if he does smell a lot better.

Though, the personal space issue in this place bothers her to no end. When will these people learn it's a five foot bubble?

"I still want a good price," Ratty says with a bit of a...rat-like look.

This is about when she has to speak up. "What a minute, I am not for sale!"

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She watches this whole interaction silently, curiously. It's hard to make sense out of anything, really, right now. Everything is so damned confusing. It's like she's watching the world go by without knowing how to participate in it. Though, she can't say she's sorry to see Ratty scurry away.

"Oysters were drained? What do you mean, drained?" she asks, seriously. Incredulity aside, for right now. She wants to know. Wants to know just how far in over her head she actually is. Not that she hasn't figured out it's pretty bloody far.

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"His name is Jack Chase," she says, moving forward a little, behind him. "He was taken by a man with a white rabbit on his lapel."

She stands, facing his back, on the grass, hands cupped, and waiting for a reaction.

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"Why?" she asks, like it's the most obvious question ever. She can tell there's something huge he's not telling her and that tea is doing nothing but make the point all the more clear that she's in the dark. It's not reassuring.

Perhaps it's not reassuring to her because she's American. If he were sipping coffee, maybe that would have settled her nerves better.

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"Use?" she asks, eyebrows raising quite a bit. This is not good. People being used in a casino? What is wrong with this place, really. And why won't he just put down the damned tea?